Alverda “Bertie” Miner

June 21, 1920 - January 4, 2017
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Alverda “Bertie” Miner (nee McKain) was born on June 21st, 1920, to her parents Mead and Elva McKain. She grew up on a farm in Cortland, Indiana. Back then, home was a farmhouse with two small bedrooms, an outside bathroom, a hand pump for water on the back porch, and a pitcher and bowl toContinue Reading

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T. M. left a message on May 16, 2017:
My sincere sympathy. May your memories bring you comfort and may God's promise of the resurrection give you hope. (Acts 24:15)
Barbara Martin left a message on May 16, 2017:
Dear Aunt Bert: Just a note to say thanks for taking of Don and me many years ago and always holding us in your heart. Love you forever. Barbara Ann Martin (Barb)
Heather De Villez left a message on May 16, 2017:
I have spent hours pondering about what I would say here about my Grandmother; to share with those of you that also knew her, and loved her. There are simply no words that I can express that could possibly begin to describe this amazing woman, Alverda Miner, that would do her justice. However, I will share a few of my favorite memories. During some summers I would spend almost the entire season, in between school months, with my Grandparents in St. Louis. I have so many memories in my childhood spending this time with her. A growing girl as I was at the time, and full of energy, this patient woman, would sometimes fix me, not one, but two egg, cheese, and onion sandwiches. I believe there was even a morning that I requested a third...She had already had the kitchen cleaned, the pots washed, and working on plans for the day, and stop everything to cook me yet another one of these gourmet sandwiches. There was never any frustration with my requests, she would simply smile, chuckle, and begin cooking again. I remember one morning, that later on she laughed and told about to many of her friends, the time she made me six slices of buttered toast. I tell you, this buttered toast was the most amazing toast I had ever tasted! However, she wouldn't just let me have toast, and egg sandwiches for breakfast. I remember one magical morning, as her and Grandfather were enjoying their coffee. Grandpa reading the newspaper, and she was going through the paper cutting out coupons. She asked me, as I was rubbing my sleepy eyes, what I would like to have for breakfast. I believe I was around 7 or 8 at the time. My mind quickly went to what we had eaten right before going to bed the night before...Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream. This seemed logical in my 8 year old mind. I looked at her, putting on my best "puppy dog" eyes, and said, "Grandma, could I have ice cream for breakfast?" Both her and Grandpa looked at each other, smiled, laughed, and she said, "Well, sure. We will have ice cream for breakfast." I was SO excited, I jumped up from the chair, and proceeded to parade around her cheering as she made her way to the kitchen and brought out the magical ice cream from the freezer. I wasn't the only one that had ice cream that morning...She brought out two other bowls from the cabinet, and we all enjoyed having Vanilla Ice Cream for breakfast that morning! This would come to haunt my poor mother later. HAHA! Why couldn't I have ice cream for breakfast back at home, when Grandma let me?? One summer that I spent with them, we took a trip to Branson along with some dear friends. One of the shows we were going to see was Conway Twitty. During the drive to Branson, my Grandma and I would constantly say to each other (in the best deep voice we could muster), "Hello Darlin', nice to see you." My Grandpa, with the patience of Job, would just smile and chuckle at the two of us when we would break out the first couple lines of that song. (Which probably was at least two to three times every hour...HA). We got to the concert hall that evening for his performance, and with eager anticipation, what was the opening act?...The curtains slowly opened, the lights shone down on the center of the stage, he slowly walked forward, head down and slowly raising his eyes to the audience, here came those first lines in that manly voice of his..."Hello Darlin'" My Grandma and I went nuts!! (As did a lot of other ladies in the crowd). From playing Old Maid, to Memory, to telling jokes (she told my best friend, Sherry her very first dirty joke, to this day, Sherry remembers HA!), to watching movies together, reminiscing about the day at dinner, eating ice cream watching Johnny Carson late at night...There are countless other memories I could share here. These are just a couple; a drop in a full vast decanter. She impacted my life in countless ways. She taught me many things, counseled me on many issues, wiped my tears and cheered me up when I was sad, bandaged me up when I would get a scratch on me from riding my bike or doing back fl
Carolyn left a message on May 16, 2017:
More than once I had met Bert, but it was not until Sue and I went up to St. Louis, probably for a garden club meeting, that we spent any time together. The love that Heather has expressed was so evident. She and David II were on the couch with Bert teasing her and she them, laughing, and playing. Their love and affection for each other was so wonderful. At the time, I thought how fortunate both the grandchildren and grandparents were to have each other and how few people get to experience such love. Bert did not limit that love to her grandchildren, but all she was with. She always made me feel part of the family and I loved her dearly for that.
Holly Kehoe left a message on May 16, 2017:
Beautiful life and many many wonderful memories made over the years. Thinking of you Aunt Sue, Heather and David II. Love you! Holly
Voss & Sons Funeral & Cremation Services left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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